Why Mentoring?

“We exist temporarily through what we take, but we love forever through what we give” Douglas M. Lawson

Many people think that being successful is solely a matter of focusing on the self. However, many others would  argue that becoming truly successful is being able to give to others and to impact others positively. The purpose of this interactive blog is to attempt to maximize the mentoring experience for both the mentors and the mentees, who will themselves become mentors, eventually. Through this blog, our main purpose as student leaders, future professionals, young women and men, is to revive the NABA mentorship experience such way that the readers/ followers grow a little bit more every time we post an article or a link. Without further ado, I will introduce myself. I am Stephanie Joseph and I serve as the chair of mentorship for the academic year 2014-2015. I wanted to launch this blog to bring innovative notions of leadership and a roadmap for mentoring  to our chapter in order to create a virtual forum where the conversation never stops. The success of this initiative won’t be possible without the support of our members, our mentors, and our alumni.  I hope that you all will be contributing one way or another to the blog, and that you will take advantage of this platform. Let’s maximize the NABA Mentorship experience, one step at a time.


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