Adopting a Mentor’s Mindset.

How to Adopt a Mentor's mindset?

“Mentoring is who you are as much as as you do do” John C. Maxwell

Some people have a natural gift of influencing people in a positive way and providing wise advice when others face adversity or have a difficult decision to make. People entrust their mentors to help them advance throughout their career and throughout a school project. I have compiled a  short list of quick tips that could be useful for mentors.

1- Make your mentee’s professional development a priority

It takes a lot of commitment to develop people. It take time and effort, and thus it is important to have a roadmap when embarking on a journey with a mentee. Do not hesitate to plan ahead in order to educate your mentee

2- Develop Relationship Before Starting Out

When it comes to success, relationship-building is extremely important. As you prepare to develop others, take time to get to know each other. It is important that you understand their stories and that they know yours. Seek out their weakness and their strengths; that will help you have a more effective mentoring experience.

3- Stay With Them Until They Can Go Solo.

As you develop people, remember that you are taking them on a journey toward success with you, not sending him. Stay with your mentees until they are ready to fly on their own.


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