Spotlight on: Dabney Jean


Dabney Jean is a fervent NABA Baruch supporter. She was in fact, on the executive board of the Baruch Chapter while an undergrad at Baruch. I remember talking to Dabney about time management during a coffee chat last year, and she mentioned candidly that she spent most of her time in the Newman Library studying or in the Club Room working on projects for NABA Baruch Treasury. After Baruch, Dabney joined Goldman Sachs’ finance division as an analyst and she now supports the Investment Management Division.  Now and then, she has been a great resource for NABA Baruch and she continues to impact our membership positively. Find a little bit more about her in the mini-interview below.

S.J – How and why did you join NABA? 
D.J- I joined NABA my sophomore year at Baruch. I wanted to join an organization with positive people that would’ve allowed me to reach my full potential as a college student
S.J- Would you say Mentoring is important for one’s career and why? 
D-J- Yes, mentoring is extremely important in one’s career. Mentoring provides guidance and experience that would not have been gained from any other avenue. To have a mentor, is to have someone on your corner and constantly pushing for your success.
S-J- What are some of the toughest challenges that you have faced as a rising professional?
D.J – Confidence is truly the toughest. I work at such an esteemed firm that hires the best and brightest. Finding your place and your voice is hard in such an environment where one coming out of college may find it extremely intimidating. It’s a process. However, the more you focus on being the best you can be in the area you serve and support, confidence comes  easily. Know your job, Know your products and most importantly, Know yourself.
S.J-  What is your life Motto? Any advice for your fellow mentors and the NABA Baruch mentees
D.J- My life motto is, “ If you can dream it, you can achieve it” My advice for my fellow mentors and NABA Baruch mentees is that if you have an idea, please follow through with it to fruition. You never know where an idea can take you!